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Sylvia Dutertre - Ft Lauderdale, Florida

The Healing Mineral Water worked for me. One whole bottle kicked this bronchitis out of me pretty darn fast. I love the stuff. I have a 17 month old grandson with the same problem my and we need some more right away.

I sent an email to Jim asking for some more and the price. We can send you a check from here in Florida. Please let me know because we need some more right away and a bit more for me to finish getting this out of me...I'm very grateful for it, it's a great product. Blessings and hugs.

Toni Verna - Ft Lauderdale, Florida

My mom (Sylvia) and I (Toni) and are very impressed with this company and product ... Here is a little bit about what it has done for us.

These waters are fairly new to the market and your testimonials will be a part of this web page. So we hope you email us telling us all that the products have done for you.

For us it is amazing. I had the flu like symptoms for a couple of days, and I took 16 oz of the healing water and it disappeared the next day.

My 5 year old and my 18 month old both had a cough for a couple of weeks, I was just about to take the little one to the doctor, and then we had the water delivered and it was also gone within the night. I had given him about 3 oz during the afternoon and he slept the whole night threw without coughing.

My 5 year old it cleared him up as well. He is around all the kids at school who have strep, bronchitis, and colds and his body is developing immunity to it.

Another amazing thing is, we have been taking a combination of the gold, mineral, platinum, and energy water. I cannot tell you how awesome we feel. We get up at 5:00 am and can stay up until 12:00 pm. Its like our body is changing, and it's only for the better. It really helped release a depression over me. I have a very good outlook on things. Much more clarity. It also has helped with smoking. Its like our bodies are getting rid of the addiction. It actually makes me sick to smoke.

I gave it to one of my friends. She said she had a migraine on her left side of her head all day. I took about 2 oz over to her and told her to drink it, and about 10 minutes later, it had lifted. That was only 2 oz.

All I can say is try it. It's amazing. It's so amazing that we have developed a little web site and are spreading the word out to all. Why live lives so sick? Try it you'll see. It is our goal to spread the word about these amazing natural waters to as many people as we can. Its like you can throw most of those other vitamins away. It's truly amazing. It is also very affordable.

Love and Light.

Louise Salcido - Denver, Colorado

For the last 16 years I have had many health problems. It all started when I was diagnosed with Graves Disease, which is a thyroid problem. My symptoms consisted of trembling hands, hair loss and feeling lethargic and weight loss. I was given radiation capsules, which destroyed a portion of my thyroid gland and thereafter they put me on medication in a pill form to take daily.

It has taken me several years to adjust to the changes that occurred to me because of the disease I have. Even now I have occurrences where my medication has to be adjusted. I need to have my blood tested every 6 months to make sure my TSH level is ok. I also suffered from severe allergy and sinusitis attacks that would leave me ill for the better part of each year since 1989. I began allergy testing and took allergy shots for about 2 months until I finally could not take the shots anymore because they were too painful. I took at least 10 different types of allergy pills and nothing worked. I was constantly fatigued and depressed because nothing was working to help me feel better. Then I was diagnosed with gallstones and was told that I needed to have surgery to have my gallstones removed. Needless to say I did not have the surgery. I was totally exhausted and had no energy because I was so sick all the time; every day I felt bad and had a hard time getting any restful sleep. I was so overwhelmed with all of the health issues I had that I felt that I needed to seek alternative means to get my health back to some normalcy.

Then one day Frank came by our home to visit the family. He noticed I was not looking to good and he asked me about my health so I told him about all my health issues. He suggested some of his mineral supplements for my problems. I was skeptical to think that they would work for me, but at this time I had nothing to lose. Everything my doctor prescribed for me wasn't working. I was very fatigued because I was not getting the proper rest, which my body needed so it could heal itself.

Thank you for helping me improve my health with your mineral water therapy.

Bobbi Pease - Victoria, Texas

I wanted to let you know that I will forever be grateful for the day you called to tell me about colloidal minerals.

After I took the samples you sent I felt much better. I got a lot of energy from them so I decided to take the Gulf War Syndrome protocol since I had spent several years in Saudi Arabia right after the Gulf War.

I have now finished the protocol and I cannot believe how much better I feel. Prior to using the minerals I was unable to sleep, my joints hurt so bad that at times I could hardly get out of the bed, I had been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Irritable bowel syndrome. My short-term memory was just gone. I could hardly carry on a conversation because I could not think of the words I wanted to say.

After taking the Gulf War Syndrome Protocol, all these problems are gone. I sleep like a log and I can work out in my yard. I'm not taking antibiotics anymore or any of the many prescription drugs the doctors wanted me to take. They just didn't help! My energy level is such that I've started my own home business and do all the things I've prayed to be able to do again, like working in by flower beds.

These minerals have been a Godsend to me. I'm so thankful that you shared what you have discovered with me, the colloidal minerals DO work.

May God richly bless you as you share this knowledge with those of us who need it so badly.

Peggy Hillbloom - Denver, Colorado

This past winter I was extremely ill. It all began approximately one week after Thanksgiving last year (2000).

It started with flu like system and shortly progressed into severe breathing problems. I couldn't get into see a Doctor so I landed in the hospital emergency room. They diagnosed me as having bronchitis, they thought! They started me on a 10 day cycle of antibiotics. Slight improvement!

This went on for a few more weeks with a constant, persistent cough remaining.

Then, I became very ill for the second time severe breathing problems, more extreme Flu like systems which landed me into the emergency room again. The Doctors were not sure what I had, they ran some more tests. They concluded that I did not have a pneumonia and thought that I may have Bronchitis. They weren't sure. They treated me for dehydration and gave me a breathing treatment and once again another 10 day cycle of antibiotics. They sent me home.

I had a follow up visit with a Doctor one week from the emergency incident. He was not pleased with my progress, so he changed the antibiotic (another 10 day supply). He wanted a follow-up visit in 10 days to see how I was doing.

I returned to the Doctor in 10 days. Much to his dismay there was little if any improvement. He could not understand the severe, lingering cough that I had. He was not so sure that it was Bronchitis or a pneumonia that I had. Still he prescribed another 10 day cycle of antibiotics. He footnoted his concern with this, "I've seen a lot of people with this breathing problem and the antibiotics don't seem to touch it, but we'll keep trying.

I decided to call my friends to have them dowse the different possibilities. They came up with "germ warfare", probably the product of "Chem Trails". I wasn't surprised by their answer. (I dowse as well, but I could not stay balanced with all the problems I was having, so I couldn't help myself as usual.)

I then remembered reading an article on the Internet about Chem Trail sickness and to use Colloidal silver. I have another friend who had told me a while ago about the Colloidal silver product that she had come across. I called her and she had an extra bottle at her house. Since I couldn't dowse the dosage for myself she did it for me. I was to take l oz., 3 times a day for 3 days.

I received almost complete recovery from this mysterious breathing problem and coughing within just two days of 1 oz., 3 times each day. I could hardly believe it after all those antibiotics and they had done nothing but upset my stomach. Needless to say I was very pleased to be myself again.

Thank you for a great product!

The Lion King's Testimony

We were an exhibitor for Colloidal Mineral Products at the Global Science Congress in Denver, Colorado from August 10, 2000 to August 14, 2000, where we met Dr. Jeffry Harsh, the curator of an animal refuge for retired famous animals in Goodland, Kansas. Jeffry informed us that he had a very sick lion that was used for the animation of the Lion in the movie The Lion King.

Shortly after the event, Dr. Harsh called Frank to tell him that the Lion King was getting worse and could die soon. He was hoping that our minerals could help save the Lion King's life.

Frank immediately rushed a gallon of his Healing Mineral Water to Dr. Harsh as a donation. Dr. Harsh administered the Healing Mineral Water to the Lion King and he is doing very well now.

On the back of the picture of the Lion King and Dr. Harsh, he wrote the following statement:

Dear Frank,

Thank you for your Colloidal Minerals Products. They helped save this Lion King's life!

Thank you again,

Jeffry Harsh

note from Dr. Harsh

Dr. Harsh and the Lion King

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