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Manganese Mineral Supplement

Manganese is called the "brain mineral." It is important in the utilization of all mental facilities / functions and increases resistance and recuperative ability. Manganese aids in oxygen transfer from lungs to cells. It helps the reproductive organs work properly because of its effects on tissues and nerves; production of sex hormones is aided by manganese, and it can reduce menstrual cramps and PMS. Manganese deficiency has been linked to epilepsy seizures.

Some other signs of Manganese deficiency are:

As an essential part of the biochemical reactions that affect bone, cartilage, brain function and energy supply manganese is indicated as a deficiency in a wide variety of ailments. "Manganese, has a definite impact on a person's mental activities, and if the mental faculties are to remain well balanced and under control rather than unruly and chaotic, manganese must be balanced and supplied in proper quantities," as stated by Dr. Bernard Jensen in his book The Chemistry of Man. Manganese is required for bone metabolism and in many enzyme reactions. Jeanne Freeland-Graves, R.D., Ph.D. states that, "This is one mineral that you will definitely be hearing more about in the future."

Manganese is the element that is often found in combination with lecithin. Lecithin is a brain and nerve fat. Manganese gives us strong nerves, coordination of thoughts and produces elasticity with quick recuperative ability. According to Dr. Carl C. Pfeiffer manganese is needed in the formation of thyroxin, which is produced by the thyroid gland. Manganese is also indicated for successfully helping those suffering from schizophrenia. Manganese is part of the entire brain system and is used whenever any of our mental faculties are utilized.

Manganese makes up part of a molecule known as mucopolysaccharides. These molecules are used to form collagen, the strong, fibrous connective material that builds tissues throughout the body, including bone and cartilage, the rubbery cushioning found where bones meet. The mesh of collagen is the framework on which calcium, magnesium and other bone hardening minerals are deposited.

Manganese is found in the bloodstream. It is metabolized in a similar way as iron. It carries oxygen from the lungs to the cell yet it is different than iron as it is not hematinic. Manganese is part of the proper development of the structure of the fragile ear bones and joint cartilage. Although manganese is only found in small amounts in the body it is vital and if it is missing it is impossible to maintain good health unless it is replaced.

"Repetitive Stress Injury or Repetitive Motion Syndrome now costs corporate America $20 billion dollars per year and accounts for 56% of the 331,600 gradual onset work related illnesses. In 1991 orthopedic surgeons performed 100,000 Carpal Tunnel operation (at $4,000 per surgery) with lost work, wages and medical cost of over $29,000 per case," Dr. Joel Wallach, Rare Earth's.

Manganese also influences the intestinal tract lining, biliary lining, laryngeal passages, excretory duct of the liver, the ovaries and the linings of the generative organs. It has a positive effect on the libido of men and women. Women who have PMS or menstrual cramps usually need both calcium and manganese. When researchers analyzed women's premenstrual symptoms, they noticed a clear pattern: Most women reported much less severe symptoms when they followed a diet high in both calcium and manganese.

Manganese deficiency produces varied and peculiar symptoms and complaints. It is almost never found in excess but is found lacking in many cases because it is found in only minute traces in some foods and is totally absent in many. Manganese is to be considered when a tonic or favorable effect is desired on linings, membranes, joints, ligaments, gelatinous, and tubular structures.

Although the symptoms of manganese deficiency are extensive, below is a partial list of a few conditions we believe our product may assist in preventing or be helpful with:

NOTE: This product is completely absorbable, will not interfere with any medications, and suitable for vegetarian and hypoallergenic applications. Using minerals in higher concentrations and combinations offers some of the most powerful healing benefits known to man because of their ability to eliminate sickness and disease. Due to the many variables in the metabolism of each individual striving for homeostasis the healing response time using the dietary mineral supplements will vary from person to person. Some people have remarkable results while other people are unable to notice any effects during the same time period.
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