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Enzyme Phyto-Nutrient Mineral Supplement

Enzyme Phyto-Nutrient (EPN)Mineral Supplement complex is a patent-pending Enzyme Phyto-Nutrient from a plant source that provides Enzyme and saccharides necessary for optimal cellular communication. No combination of vitamins, minerals amino acids or herbals can replace the necessary saccharides found in EPN. We believe that EPN will provide total Enzyme Supplementation.

Protein and carbohydrates are chief components of the human body. For all of history, food has provided these building blocks; however, scientists are still learning the functions that specific nutritional food components play in this process. As recently as this century, benefits of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phyto-chemicals were discovered.

Enzyme Phyto-Nutrients have been demonstrated to be effective in supporting the immune system and optimal health. Studies were conducted to determine what the effects of Phyto-Nutrient dietary supplementation had on a variety of infections.

There is evidence to suggest the Phyto-Nutrients molecules mediate most of the communication that occurs between the 100 trillion or so cells of the human body. Incomplete or poorly formed Phyto-Nutrient molecules can result in defective cell messages, which may have implications for immunity. Breast-fed infants are known to have an increased resistance to middle ear infections as well as other childhood illnesses. While human milk contains high concentrations of Phyto-Nutrients, animal milks vary in the combinations and amounts present.

SUGGESTED USE: 1 tablespoon before meals daily.

Some of the benefits / uses for Enzyme Phyto-Nutrients Mineral Supplement:

EPN is created through a unique, fourteen-day process. Because this manufacturing process resembles human digestion, soy seeds are completely assimilated into basic nutrients and natural sweeteners. Through this proprietary process, nutrient enzymes are produced along with a phyto-sweetener resembling human colostrom (found in mother's breast milk). Therefore, EPN is an all-in-one combination of healthful enzymes and a phyto-sweetener. Due to the fact that the creation process is digestive in nature, there is no residual, unassimilated soy matter remaining.

We believe that EPN will allow the body to create all the sugars the body needs, and is safe for diabetics. EPN does not allow the protein molecules to split, thus helping the body's digestion and assimilation processes. EPN further helps to increase oxygen levels while helping to raise your pH, which can protect you from free radical damage.

Normal foods create a Nutritional Metabolic process that can cause free radical damage. This Phyto-Nutrient can go into the body and can metabolize without free radicals; this can help your body preserve current anti oxidant materials. Enzyme Phyto-Nutrients provide Energy directly to the individual cells, and enhance the electromagnetic fields in the body causing increased energy. In conclusion we believe that EPN will aid in all facets of digestion, enzyme function and can possibly provide a variety of benefits as described above.

NOTE: This product is completely absorbable, will not interfere with any medications, and suitable for vegetarian and hypoallergenic applications. Using minerals in higher concentrations and combinations offers some of the most powerful healing benefits known to man because of their ability to eliminate sickness and disease. Due to the many variables in the metabolism of each individual striving for homeostasis the healing response time using the dietary mineral supplements will vary from person to person. Some people have remarkable results while other people are unable to notice any effects during the same time period.
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