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Our Mission

Our mission with a passion, spiritually inspired and guided by God, is striving with ongoing research to provide profound truthful information and knowledge about health to anyone seeking healing, optimal health, union with the Holy Spirit, and/or wanting to teach healthy living from ancient traditional customs, methods, and practices of nutritional natural healing, and supreme quality unique individual and combination mineral Supplements for mineral Supplement therapy and other products developed from revolutionary technologies for dietary supplementation.

These products are uniquely formulated for holistic therapeutic benefits by nutritional natural healing to help attain and maintain homeostasis and/or promote rapid healing from sickness or disease and recovery by rejuvenating the body's organs and tissues at the cellular level, which has been proven very effective by our customer's or client's testimonies.

Furthermore, the Mineral Water Store.com provides these products to anyone seeking nutritional natural healing from sickness or disease, to achieve optimum health, union with the Holy Spirit, and/or discount or wholesale prices. Satisfaction guaranteed unconditionally or your money back.

Ancient Prophecy Reveals the Following Healing Therapy for the New Millennium:

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Mineral Supplement Products

Combination Mineral Supplements

  1. Bone Rejuvenating Supplement
  2. Metabolism Booster Mineral Supplement
  3. Cold and Flu Supplement
  4. Energizing Supplement
  5. Enzyme Phyto-Nutrient Supplement
  6. Hair, Nails & Skin Supplement
  7. Healing Supplement
  8. Multi-Mineral Supplement
  9. pH Balancing Supplement

Individual Mineral Supplements

  1. Boron Supplement
  2. Calcium Supplement
  3. Chromium Supplement
  4. Cobalt Supplement
  5. Copper Supplement
  6. Germanium Supplement
  7. Gold Supplement
  8. Indium Supplement
  9. Iodine Supplement
  10. Iron Supplement
  11. Magnesium Supplement
  12. Manganese Supplement
  13. Molybdenum Supplement
  14. Platinum Supplement
  15. Potassium Supplement
  16. Selenium Supplement
  17. Silica Supplement
  18. Silver Supplement
  19. Sulfur Supplement
  20. Tin Supplement
  21. Vanadium Supplement
  22. Zinc Supplement