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Our Mineral Supplement Products

Our mineral products/supplements are produced from the purest minerals available on the world market, which have a purity rating of 99.999% pure. Our manufacturing process uses the purest water from a five-step purification process to contain the minerals, which produces our supreme quality mineral Supplement products.

Before the age of modern technology it was strongly believed that colloidal minerals could not be produced above 25 ppm and in the ideal particle size. But with the aid of modern technology and a little determination we can now produce a colloidal mineral in a higher concentration and in the ideal particle size. Therefore, the colloidal mineral can penetrate all of the cells in all the parts of the body where a single-cell disease causing microbe could hide. Whereas the larger size particle of a colloidal mineral cannot penetrate all parts of the body.

Our Uniquely Formulated Combination Mineral Supplement Products provide a proper combination of minerals for daily regimens for specific health problems and/or general health benefits. However, if you know you have a certain mineral deficiency that is creating additional health problems you may also incorporate the individual mineral Supplements with our Uniquely Formulated Combination Mineral Supplement Products or mixtures developed by our engineer for specific health problems and/or optimum physical and mental health benefits

Our supreme quality uniquely formulated combination Mineral Supplement products are:

  1. Bone Rejuvenating Supplement
  2. Cold and Flu Supplement
  3. Energizing Supplement
  4. Enzyme Phyto-Nutrient Supplement
  5. Hair, Nails, and Skin Supplement
  6. Healing Supplement
  7. Multi-Mineral Supplement
  8. pH Balancing Supplement

Our Mineral Supplement Products Pricing

All of our products are available in the following quantities and prices:

Shipping is $0.10 per ounce, and handling is $6.00 per order.

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Mineral Supplement Products

Combination Mineral Supplements

  1. Bone Rejuvenating Supplement
  2. Metabolism Booster Mineral Supplement
  3. Cold and Flu Supplement
  4. Energizing Supplement
  5. Enzyme Phyto-Nutrient Supplement
  6. Hair, Nails & Skin Supplement
  7. Healing Supplement
  8. Multi-Mineral Supplement
  9. pH Balancing Supplement

Individual Mineral Supplements

  1. Boron Supplement
  2. Calcium Supplement
  3. Chromium Supplement
  4. Cobalt Supplement
  5. Copper Supplement
  6. Germanium Supplement
  7. Gold Supplement
  8. Indium Supplement
  9. Iodine Supplement
  10. Iron Supplement
  11. Magnesium Supplement
  12. Manganese Supplement
  13. Molybdenum Supplement
  14. Platinum Supplement
  15. Potassium Supplement
  16. Selenium Supplement
  17. Silica Supplement
  18. Silver Supplement
  19. Sulfur Supplement
  20. Tin Supplement
  21. Vanadium Supplement
  22. Zinc Supplement